​The Reeves Theater was originally opened as a 700-seat movie theater in 1941. It was fully operational until 1973, and later reopened as the Elk Twin until 1994.  By then, the Reeves interior and façade were in desperate need of repair.  Purchased by a group of concerned citizens, the Reeves was reroofed and saved as a significant downtown structure. Later, thanks to the support of the Tri-County Citizens Foundation, the interior of the Reeves was cleaned up, the façade panels removed and stored, and the structure of the building secured.  In 2013, Debbie Carson and Chris Groner purchased the Reeves, and with their partner and project superintendent Erik Dahlager, have overseen its renovation into a live music and event space. Thanks to a generous grant from the North Carolina Main Street Solutions Fund, support from the Town of Elkin, and numerous contributions from local businesses and individuals, the Reeves is open again!